svlekl is a threesome between photography, minimalism and concrete.

i’ve always had a soft spot for modernist and brutalist architecture because of its bold, confident simplicity. i can understand why mid-century buildings get a lot of hate - they can be pretty bleak and soulless - but that’s part of what fascinates me about them. i think there’s even something intimidating about their oppressiveness but, at the same time, something very calming and reassuring in their lack of fussiness and their ‘what you see is what you get’ appearance.

what i was trying to do when i started this project was to try and capture these buildings in a way that would really draw attention to and emphasise that bleakness - but also be somewhat peaceful to look at. i wanted to make a collection of images that, on one hand, felt really heavy and desolate but also had some kind of quietness and tranquility to them. i’ve ended up peppering it with occasional shots of other subjects but, on the whole, it’s about the imposing structures that can be found in the city and the weird tranquility that they bring.